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 Significant changes are taking place in this Industry 

***Warning to all existing and upcoming White Dove Release Business Owners that operate a White Dove Release Website***

There are some big changes taking place in this industry. As part of our commitment to you and your success, we will continually provide the most important relevant information we have provided since 1989 to help your business succeed.

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We all know that businesses and Industries change over time, and with this change comes the importance of knowing how to adapt to that change and technology that has made the world connected more powerfully now than ever before.

Dear Prospective White Dove Release Business Owner:

Would you like to get started in this white dove release business, but you're not quite sure exactly where to start, or what you need to do? If so, no worries my friend. We are here to help you every step of the way. 

This resource guide we have put together for you will give you a very nice clear logical roadmap for you to follow. 

STEP #1- First listen to our "How to get started in the white dove release business" audio introduction. You can listen to it by directly clicking this link here.

In this free recorded audio file, I will reveal to you how you can receive a whopping 50% discount off the regular retail price of our finest publication written for this industry, just for completing this first step of the process.

I like to reward the action takers since this process is specifically designed for only the serious that are ready, willing, and able to get started in this business.

All you need to do is simply set aside 20 minutes of your time, (please do eliminate all distractions or interruptions) and listen to the entire audio file.  That's right! I'm practically giving you $198.50 for just 20 minutes of your time. I promise to reveal the discount code to you, which will instantly allow you to use it on our secure checkout cart, located directly on our website.

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 We process the same day and ship just as soon as the young birds are ready to go.

(Shipping Conditions for lives require temperatures to be below 85 Degrees nationwide)

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