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 Affiliate Startup Pricing & Survey Scores 
About our Affiliate partner startup structure 
Franchise Levels

The business startup programs offered are broken up into three different membership plans. These factors we use for the listed categories are based on the score on our survey and our evaluation of your qualifications. Our goal is to offer you the best options, then ultimately let you choose which solution will be right for you.

(Choose the best option that fits your particular circumstances)

Done Alone, Done with You, Done for You.

Franchise Opportunities will only be offered to those affiliates who have the necessary qualifications we determine are a good match for our organization. We screen candidates very closely and enjoy working with wonderful people who believe in our long term mission for the industry.

Past performance is generally a very reliable indicator of what a prospects future performance will be. We're ready to work with you if you are serious about being ProACTIVE and taking action to get this business going. We also do believe in recruiting and rewarding the best talent from members based on measurable growth expectations, as well as performance standards.

Affiliate Partnership Opportunities are available for both new start-up, or existing dove businesses. We take on the risk, so that you have a chance to succeed.

Here's how the program works:

 All plans are designed to help you be successful in the White Dove Release Business by providing a stepwise level of supplies, education, and support.

 All fees are payable upfront unless qualified for our "In House Financing Options". This option is only available if you have a credit score of +650, or better. (We accept all major credit cards, along with personal checks).

Please Note: We are not a financing institution.  If you do not have money, or do not have the resources to obtain the money through your contacts to help you get started, please do not come and ask us to loan you birds and equipment to get you started. This type of question that has been asked to us over the years clearly shows that some simply don't have enough skin in the game to succeed. All businesses to a degree are Capital intensive, including starting a white dove release business.

 The Business startup membership packages and fees are as follows:

  • Done for You -Platinum Package Membership/(Considered a Franchise) No Royalty Fees ever! - The full, turnkey business startup with everything you need to operate your own White Dove Release Business. Price: $12,997.00.  If you have purchased supplies from us in the past and later would like to join, we will gladly credit your purchases and subtract this from the overall price of the package. This includes everything EXCEPT the Loft.
  • Done with You- Gold Package Membership/Affiliate Partnership Level - For people who have  a good idea of how to run a white dove release business, but aren't quite ready for the full, turnkey/DONE FOR YOU startup. We provide you with education, Marketing Techniques,  and mentorship designed to help you qualify for the Platinum Package which allows for exclusive rights in using our licensed material. Price: $499.00 per month, 4 Month Minimum -no contract after that.
  • Done Alone -Silver Package Membership/Affiliate Partnership Level - Designed for the beginners, or those that want to go at this alone, and are willing to learn by trial and error. Entry Level Price: $500 with 1 hr startup consultation included.

 To upgrade to the next startup membership level, you simply pay the difference between what you have paid already and the cost of the next level. You will never pay more than the maximum Platinum Package Membership/Franchise fee for a startup.

The Platinum Package which includes everything you will need to get your very own business started costs a very low affordable attractive price of just: What's included with this package?


(Financing is available based on Credit Score and other Factors used in the qualification process)

This pricing offer is valid through Dec 31, 2016.

Our Non Disclosure Agreements we provide are required to be signed by all of our Franchisees, and Affiliate Partners in order to protect the Integrity of not only its members, but also the growth and success of the business as a whole. 

 Loft built on your site (optional, extra-charge item) - Need a loft? You can buy one from us! Built to local codes, painted in the colors of your choice, delivered anywhere in the United States, and assembled in one day. $7,000. Click here for details.

Still Undecided? Please see the following copyright protected Comparison Chart which shows the differences between Franchising Vs. forming an Affiliate Partnership with us. Click here for details

Based on our experience of past survey scores we have received, you will more than likely fall into one of three business startup recommendation plans we have to offer.


Survey Scoring & Recommendations 
Take our survey

 90-100% - Platinum Package Membership - We want you on our team!

Well, if you're a positive person, fun to work with and goal driven in nature, respectable, You take initiative, You have Integrity, Your non confrontational, adult mannered, non-pessimistic, not a fence sitter, having a well rounded fun personality, these qualities are greatly appreciated among our members.

We believe in recruiting and attracting ONLY the best and most qualified individuals the industry has to offer.

We would like to send you an affiliate membership packet for consideration. We are looking for people who are interested in being associated with, as well as helping us build the most reputable, well-known, and respected White Dove Release Business in America.

If you, however, feel you don't need any help and would rather wrestle the bear with your own bare hands, we can still supply you with all your White Dove Release Needs so that your business can succeed.

 80-89% - Gold Package Members - You seem to have a good idea of how to run a White Dove Release Business. We can give you some recommendations, along with valuable help along the way. Those who purchase the Gold Package Membership will benefit from  years of expertise and knowing what it takes to succeed in this business venture. You will learn what to do, as well as what NOT to do when starting this type of business. We have been there just like you, and can help you overcome many pains and hurdles we faced when we began our business in 1989.

 70-79% - Silver Package Membership - You may want to consider heading in the right direction under our beginner mentor ship Silver Package Membership. We can help you avoid costly and painful mistakes that we have seen many people make in going into this industry blind. In a country of the blind, a one eyed man is KING!

 <70% - Please do not attempt this venture alone, as you will not make it in this business. We invite you to join our affiliate program so that we can teach you all you need to know with our proven techniques and systems.

"For All Your Professional White Dove Release Needs"
  P.O. BOX 146
Kaysville, UT 84037
PURCHASING LINE: 1-888-803-6837 or 1-888-80-DOVES
 We process the same day and ship just as soon as the young birds are ready to go.

(Shipping Conditions for lives require temperatures to be below 85 Degrees nationwide)

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