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White Pigeon
 Pigeon Tail Whistles Listen below----- 

 We have stocked these hard to find whistles since 2005 for pigeon faciers all over the country. They are really becoming a popular item that people enjoy flying on their birds, music in the sky. These can be flown on any size bird, from rollers to homers.

These hand crafted Pigeon whistles (flutes) are a piece of art, and date back to an old tradition that originated in Beijing, China. Many are signed by the actual artist that hand crafted them. 

The whistles are attached to the center tail feathers of the bird. We will provide you with some easy to follow instructions that will accompany every Beijing Pigeon whistle purchase. We recommend that you fly at least nine birds with the flutes to help deter and scare the hawks away.  Try them out for yourselves, you'll absolutely fall in love with them as your birds bring new music to your ears. 

THE NEXT ANNUAL WORLDWIDE  PIGEON TAIL WHISTLE FLYING DAY IS APRIL 6, 2017.  Individuals all around the world who have bought our Whistles have led us to organize a wonderful tradition we have started since 2009. Join in on the fun!!

Note: If the color of pigeon whistle you select is not in stock, we will send a whistle that's the closest available match to the item you have requested. Because these whistles are hand-crafted by different artists in far-away countries, each whistle is a unique work of art and subject to slight variations in design and color. 

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