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Fully Built Lofts For Your New Dove Business!

Here's what we have available for you...

This beautiful loft will be built and fully assembled by our experienced construction tradeworker, on your property, in 3 days. The designer and builder has raced birds competitively for many years, and actively races birds in The South African Million Dollar Race. He is one of us! He knows and understands the importance of what it takes to maintain a healthy flock of birds, and it all starts with proper loft design setup.

Here's what it will do for you...

The Main Loft Measures 5x10, the aviary measures 3x8. The height inside the loft is approximately 6 Feet 2 Inches. We prefer to not have birds flying over our heads while in the loft, for various logical reasons, which we won't go into the details here. This loft will allow you to easily accomodate +40 birds, and you can always add on a section if needed for expansion, down the road. This is the perfect loft design setup for getting started with a young kit of 20-25 White Racers. Your birds will have excellent ventilation in their loft, which will ultimately optimize their health and reduce risk of illness. Your birds will be in a nice clean environment that is mice proof, so you dont have to worry about paratyphoid issues. Your birds will have the option to get their sunlight in the aviary, anytime they want. This loft setup will allow you to easily settle your birds, all while forming good trapping and training habits. Your neighbors will appreciate the nice asthetic appeal this loft brings to any location, and you will enjoy showing your beautiful loft to them, with all those beautiful birds in it. All of these important details were carefully thought out beforehand while designing this loft, so that others like you can benefit from this advantage. We have recommended this design and option for quite some time now for very good reason.

You can spend a whole lot of time trying to properly plan and figure out a good loft design, taking into consideration all the pertinent details for proper ventilation, dryness, low humidity, correct perch spacing, roof pitch structure that allows for proper ventilation, insulation factors, building materials that are necessary to keep the loft cool in the summer months, why we don't recommend metal structures and prefer plywood instead due to its ability to reduce humidity in the loft, etc. This can be an overwhelming task considering your loft design is one of the most important factors to keeping a good flock of birds healthy year around. Poor loft design and structure will always end up setting you back with your birds constantly coming down with bird illnesses such as respiratory infections, if loft design is not done correctly from the beginning. I've seen people literally tear down their entire loft structure, and start all over,  simply because they didn't get the design right the first time. You can try and figure all this stuff out on your own by trial and error, spent countless hours and weeks reading stuff online or in books, or you can go with a proven loft concept that eliminates all the guess work, without any further delays. The choice of having peace of mind, great quality, and functionality is strictly up to you.

When it comes to recommending loft designs and housing for your birds, we have seen hundreds of different lofts over the last 30 years of breeding and owning birds, not only domestically here in the USA, but also world-wide.

The one thing that is always certain and clearly distinguishable is the following: The very best loft designs are always obvious, and they stand out right away. The quality of the birds in a healthy loft are immediately noticeable too. The poor loft design concepts on the other hand, stand out like a sore thumb, and you can notice this immediately in the poor health and poor quality of the birds that live in that loft. They just aren't happy, which makes the owners of those birds unhappy!

Here's what to do next...

I personally would rate this loft design a 10 out of 10,  based on its structural integrity, superb ventilation, sleak design, functionality, bird capacity layout, Aviary setup, as well as asthetic appeal. As previously mentioned, this loft has excellent ventilation which is imperative to raising and housing healthy birds, year around. The trim work in some of these photos wasn't finished when the pictures were taken. No worries, when you order your loft for delivery, the trim work will be completed and finished. Eliminate all the guess work. Order your loft today!



Construction available beginning Spring 2021.

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