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To take the detailed survey, please follow the link to the shopping cart. Once payment is processed, we will send you the secure link to take the survey. After this is submitted back to us, we will score it, and then go over the results personally with you.

Let us help save you the time and money by helping you out the first time. Take the survey today and we will let you know exactly where you stand as far as consideration about entering this type of industry that is unfamiliar to many is concerned.

Those who take our detailed survey also will receive a 5% discount on bird purchases from us. It's our way of showing you that we truly care and want you to succeed in this venture. We also offer consultation services that are much more in depth about what is required to ultimately be successful and profitable in this industry.

Our survey has been specifically designed so that we can have a very good idea of where we can best assist you, and your future needs for this business venture. Then based on the results you provide us, we can best suit your needs as to what direction will be most beneficial for your success in this business. Believe us, we have seen just about all the scenarios that are common in this business. Our entering this industry back in 1989 has given us significant insight into how this industry operates. We want to pass this experience onto you.


United Doves Franchises

Complete business startup opportunities available through United Doves L.L.C.

Start your own Dove Release Business under our Franchise Model!!

Why follow through with our business startup program, instead of starting your own business venture?

There are numerous reasons why joining our business startup program is an excellent option. Our Professional business mentors could not have put it in any simpler terms. If we take this approach to joining the United Doves LLC Franchise, and see our systems and Franchise Package as valuable as what College Degrees are worth to Graduates in the Market place, it's the TRAINING,EDUCATION WE PROVIDE, AND MENTORSHIP that is involved for our franchisees that is worth the investment. I have spent plenty of money over the years in obtaining my degrees, and believe me it came with a heavy price, much more than what we are willing to sell a franchise for which is at a discount rate compared to other franchises out there. Those who have their education degrees know exactly what I'm talking about, the numbers don't lie.


We have received official confirmation that we will be partnering with a Nationally recognized Wedding Reception Center (On Contract) that plans on opening up over 100 locations nationwide over the next 20 years!! We have been asked to grow with them, and be their (Exclusive) Dove Release Providers for all of their locations. Join us, grow with us, and you'll see all the many rewards and incentives that we are going to pass along the way for your benefit.

This achievement will build true business relationships on a National Level for the wedding industry. We'd love to share this success with you along the way. If you already operate a professional dove release business, we may be able to grandfather you into our company so you can reap the rewards of being affiliated with us by operating under our established name that is growing.

This Corporation we will partner with are known for catering between 250-500 weddings per year at each of their locations!! This does not include all the other special occasions they offer their services for. The options are going to be endless as far as offering our dove services at their events for years to come. The most attractive part of this whole deal is it's under CONTRACT for exclusivity by (United Doves L.L.C) !!! Call us today and reserve your location. Once they notify us of their next area they will open, we'll let you know. Once all 100 locations are filled, there will not be any more options later on.... Don't miss out on this golden opportunity to truly succeed with us.

The necessary training that is required to be obtained in operating this type of business should be considered extremely important BEFORE the decision to purchase birds is ever made, not after.

Purchasing birds to simply fill a hobby of a past time is completely fine, but there is a distinct difference between running an operation as a hobby versus operating your business as a LEGAL BUSINESS ENTITY. This means paying your taxes on your gains, having a business plan which is a (Living and Breathing Document), keeping track of your accounting books, and all other aspects necessary to run a legitimate legal business. If you plan on going into this business as a means to gain an extra source of income, run it like a business!! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!!!

Unfortunately, over the years we have seen too many people often times get these two aspects mixed up, and customers WILL know the truth by how you treat your operation. You see, going into business is serious business, it's not something that should be taken lightly of a situation. This is especially true when it is at the expense of others who have paid to have services performed at the highest levels of PROFESSIONAL service. There is way too much time, resources, money, not to mention energy and conviction invested in one's Dream's and Aspirations to just take this lightly. I mean this especially due to the nature of the main markets that our industry serves, primarily the Wedding Sector, and the Funeral sector. The emotional levels of people in these events and circumstances are at the highest levels, but they are also at the lowest levels. Please do not take what I have mentioned here lightly, there is TOO much invested to say that one will run a business, but then they go and do the complete opposite and run a hobby at the customers expense. Again, those who have been in business will accept this observation as mentioned. Those who have not realized this fact will see the truth of it in due time, but it can come with a very heavy price.

Please consider this, we have personally seen countless scenarios from our position as one of the main distributor's in this industry, that while many will want to get into this business and often times make costly mistakes by taking a different approach of buying the birds first, then trying to later figure out how to run the business second, we have put the major emphasis on the EDUCATION FIRST, and not so much the equipment and birds though this is covered later in our program. Basically to sum this all up, birds are worthless if you don't have the EDUCATION, but more importantly THE UNDERSTANDING of how this industry operates which is fundamentally necessary to operate in this kind of industry successfully. It is my experience that this is one of the major reasons so many fail and never see profits. I have seen them give up, and sell the birds they bought for whatever prices they can get, just to get rid of the birds due to discouragement. We do provide all the necessary equipment and supplies as part of the franchise package, however, the true value is... THE TRAINING AND EXPERTISE WE BRING TO THE TABLE TO HELP YOU BECOME SUCCESSFUL USING

Consider these other added benefits for Joining the team.......

Following Business Models that are proven to work, this saves you from making all the mistakes that will hurt your business opportunities down the road in your area.

Corporate Brand and Name Recognition. It is a proven fact in the business world through extensive research that has been done that people are more willing to buy from businesses that are established, and have been in operation for many years. If there is a dove company that has been around longer in an area, and another one comes in that is not recognized, be ready to expect that customer to buy from the more established company.

There is a very powerful trust factor that is associated with people that choose to buy from a company that is established, versus one just starting. People do not want a botched wedding dove release, or a funeral release for that matter, they want the event to go perfect, flawless, no errors. When people see that we have several locations fully operational across the USA, the guess work is taken out and they are not skeptical because they know they are dealing with a company that has it together.

The United Doves L.L.C. name is growing, and many more locations are under discussion and preparing to open possibly in a city near you. Our established business ranks very high on search engines, in addition to ranking #1 on google if you search the terms relating to our industry. Google has ranked us #1 due to the fact that our information you find here in the site is simply the most "relevant" to them, according to this topic of White Dove Releases and White Pigeons and supplies for this business. Dove Supplies are in abundance here at White Pigeon Bring your business to us, and we'll show you how to achieve success exactly in this industry!!

Many people visit our site because they want to buy birds at a less expensive price than what dove companies are charging in their area(And they can do this with the current price we sell the birds to the public). When we realize that people are wanting to do self dove releases, we prefer to refer them to the nearest dove company in their area. This will be changing very soon, since we will now only send referrals to members of The White Dove Release Network we have established.

Due to the large response we received last year, we personally referred over 500+ dove releases to companies throughout the country. We realized we needed to develop a system that would would be a win win situation for everyone and our industry. Those that join the network for just $25.00 per year will get listed on not 1, or 2, but soon 3 of our highly visited sites, these get over 15,000 hits per month.

All the Website information and development is done to systematically let you focus on running your business. If you are not computer savy, the website alone can cost you over $8,000 to be built, and this does not include updates that you will need to do to keep it current, this can cost anywhere from $50.00 per hour, up to $150.00 per hour. Please do not waste your time and fall into the snare trap with trying to build a free website(These are free for a reason- You get what you pay for), most search engines never pick them up, and even if they do get picked up, if they are not optimized which can cost upwards of $4-5,000 Dollars, and coded correctly using the most up to date SEO, people will never find the site, this means,"No customer visits, no business", and more disappointment and frustrations!

Turn Key Business Operations and manuals are all done, there is no guess work.

Nationwide Name recognition of United Doves L.L.C. means they find your information, you close the sale. Believe me, people are already BRAND SHOPPING in this business.

Keep Reading Below...........


The White Dove Release Business has grown into a multi-million dollar industry, and there is still room for tremendous growth as the demand and popularity grows for White Dove Releases. Part of this growth stems from the fact that the White Dove Release Business requires much less overhead than other small businesses.

Our business startup opportunity we offer you brings years of experience to the table. We have been in this business since 1989 and have found the best, as well as most productive methods of succeeding in this venture. We are aware that there are other individuals out there that are trying to duplicate the model. Please look on the bright side of things, We live in America afterall, this is the land of opportunity, and those that work hard deserve the credit, as well as the business rewards. Over the years we have opened several different locations that are now fully operational, this is mentioned only because our models work. We are pleased to have the opportunity to help others, and see the fruits of their labor from joining our team .

The name of United Doves L.L.C. is becoming very well known across the country, and it's only going to get bigger and better as more join. This is living proof that our proven systems are original, and the training techniques are not like what you will find with other companies.

Due to the extensive time and research that is involved in getting us where we are today, we have found it necessary to protect this information. There are always people that will try and copy what others do, this is simply because they don't know any better. We take great pride and enjoyment in offering this opportunity that only franchisees can take part in. We protect all our trade secrets, and they are legally binding.

Whether you are new to the White Dove Release Business, or you have been operating your own and would like better results, we can help. We are active members of the American Racing Pigeon Union (ARPU) and have more than 25 years bird handling experience. We have found what works, and what does not work in this business. "The options are endless, and so is the experience."

We invite you to consider the tremendous value behind joining our successful franchise team. You will save thousands of dollars, even have a chance to "make it" in this industry that some fail in because they don't understand how it works. The proven methods are used over and over again, all the ground work has been done. We teach you all the techniques you will need that are "essential" to be successful. If you are new to this business concept and have been doing your research online, you have probably already spoken to other individuals that say something similar to this, "You won't make money". You see, those who got into this business for the wrong reasons will even go to the extent of telling you not to attempt it, and if you ask these same individuals about your consideration in joining a business startup they will tell you not to. Well, it's human nature to spread disappointment when one hasn't been successful, and rather than take what they say to heart, just understand where they are coming from, even ask them about their business plan. I don't say this to discourage you, it's just a fact of this business that most do not make it on their own due to the inexperience of entering this kind industry. If you would like to talk to us more about this, please call us at 1-888-80-DOVES and we would be happy to speak with you and help you see the value of joining an established dove release company.

The startup opportunities we offer are with United Doves L.L.C. For more details about United Doves white dove releases in general, and to view the locations and information about our existing franchisees, please visit For details about what is included in our franchises, please give us a call.

Merchant Account Services to accept credit cards. (Please call us for details..)

Additional incentives and Bonus Referral Program not listed above also are available; we can discuss this after you join our team.

* PLEASE NOTE: For your best interest in maximizing your area of service, we have agreed with our business Network partners not to sell another United Doves Franchise within 65 miles of a current operation. Therefore, if you are located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, New Hampshire, Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, New York, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Missouri, Nebraska, or Hawaii, please call us to make sure an opportunity is available. We have a special offer for those that are members of The White Dove Release Network. If you are an independent business and join the network, we will send you the lead of customers that are in your area that contact us for recommendations. We regularly receive calls from prospects all over the country requesting services.

* CONSULTING AVAILABLE: If you currently have a White Dove Release business that is not getting the results you would like to see, for a lesser fee we can sign you on our team and get you headed in the right direction.

These are just a few of the many incentives that we offer when you join our team. There is so much more I'd like to tell you about! If you would like to discuss further what it takes to get you going, please contact us. We thank you for your interest and look forward to working with you.


United Doves Team


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